Alex Ohlsson

Position: Business Manager

Subject: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Year joined: 2015

Voice type: Tenor 1

Writing a couple of hundred words’ biography for this hottest, stickiest of Swedes is difficult, not least because his upcoming autobiography runs to roughly twice the wordcount of War and Peace (he likes his words, does Alex). But shareable content reigns supreme in this world, so here goes:

A direct descendant of Beowulf himself, this finely-sculpted specimen of a man was raised a warrior. He faced the world with brawn, rather than brain; fists, not words. Man make fire. Man wrestle with warthog. You get the idea. But at some point things went horribly wrong: to cut a long story short, Alex became an intellectual and decided to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford. One thing led to another, and before anyone knew what was happening he was announcing his candidacy for president of the United States... or rather, he planned to, before someone similarly orange and media-savvy beat him to it.

After an unedifying departure from international politics. Alex decided to pursue his true love: a cappella singing. He quickly discovered his affinity for spinning, singing high notes, and being the centre of attention, so he went straight into the Tenor 1 section; quickly seeing another leadership opportunity, he grabbed the role of Business Manager with both hands, no doubt seeing managing OOTB’s finances as another sneaky route to the gilded corridors of political power.