Ben Morris

Subject: Mathematics

Year joined: 2017

Voice type: Vocal Percussion and Baritone

Position: Merchandise Manager

At the core of many an absolute banger is a memorable, effective drum beat. Similarly, at the core of many OOTB arrangements stands one man, Benjamin “boots, cats, and mathematical stats” Morris. His ever-expanding repertoire of beatboxing sounds and the ability to blend them into the duttiest of beats has cemented Ben as key to the groove of each song and the vocal gunfire that marks each rehearsal. Ben is also incredibly humble, praising previous OOTB beatboxers when a radio host asked if we had actually ever even had one before him, likely because his predecessors couldn’t do Mario music and he needed to distract from their shame. What a hero. It has been said that instead of using a calculator when doing maths, he makes different sounds, each of which corresponds with an operation or number. Often when soloing, he’s simply trying to solve a complex equation out loud. Audience members are encouraged to help out. As the ever-beating heart of OOTB, Ben is an absolute machine when performing, and a caring and genuine person both on and off stage!