Charlie shan

Subject: Music

Year joined: 2018

Voice type: Tenor 2

Position: Musical Director

Charlie joins us as musical director from the far away lands…. of Oxford. Charlie has immediately put his magnificent musical mind to the a capella grindstone, “bashing out cheeky arrangements” with incredible skill and energy. As MD he is precise, communicative, and constantly developing his scores until each piece of sheet music is a shrine to his creativity. An example of said creativity comes in the form of Charlie’s own… embellished… form of English. For example, when he means to say, “don’t go sharp/flat” he might instead say, “try to snuggle into that sonic space.” Similarly, when trying to give a minor performance pointer to a member of the group, instead of “that was good, but you might want to consider ______”, he’s more likely to say “sick lad, just one small ting-aro.” As a singer, he thankfully doesn’t let this easily quotable dialect get in the way of delivering brilliant performances. His musical ear is crucial to maintaining pitch and balance in the block, while his sultry tone and smooth vocal control leave every solo sounding crisp, strong, and emotive. His talent is as undeniable as his love for “cheeky”!