Daniel Heathcote

Subject: Physics

Year joined: 2018

Voice type: Baritone

Position: Musical Director

A man with a tone like melting butter, Dan is the stalwart gatekeeper of the baritones, banishing all pitches that don’t belong to the realm of A=440hz. His confidence and strong musical presence leave us all reassured; when asked if some of the notes in his falsetto could be considered “slightly ropey”, he responded “no they’re not, I have no idea what you mean.” We needed no further convincing. When not prancing about on stage, Dan can be found yelling “Давай!” down a computer microphone, playing tennis for the university, completing theoretical physics problem-sheets for fun with the power of his 200+ IQ, or warbling into a tuner app. In the months we’ve known him, “Mr Heathcute” has sung his way into our hearts one swooning semibreve at a time, leaving no member uncharmed by his sweet and disarming demeanour.