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Francis Judd

Subject: Engineering

Year joined: 2016

Voice type: Tenor 2

Out Of The Blue’s 2016/17 intake isn’t to be found wanting when it comes to grand titles: medics, biochemists, he-men… But the most rambunctious rugby lad of them all is Engineering fresher Francis Judd.

Don’t be fooled by his butter-wouldn’t-melt dimples! Francis has the rest of the group licked when it comes to almost any niche activity. Francis was that kid at school who could throw a diabolo several metres higher than anyone else - and catch it. He mastered that one trick with a yo-yo that you never managed; he always won that plushie Pikachu toy that you had your eye on at the coconut shy, and he beat you at Mario Kart.

Little’s changed, to be honest, since those halcyon days of playground crazes - only scale. These days, for example, Francis can bench press you. No, really, he CAN bench press you. Ask him - he’ll be all too keen to prove it. You could be Jabba the Hutt and he still wouldn’t compromise that all-important form.

By now it won’t surprise you that, shown a microphone,  Francis can emit a creamy, savoury tenor to rival the very best - one that’s guaranteed to make you ask: is he a tenor 1 or a tenor 2? Dear reader, your guess is as good as ours. In the meantime, fall in love with his glittering onstage persona - and hope that he doesn’t challenge you to an arm wrestle.