Harry Hastilow

Subject: English

Year joined: 2018

Voice type: Tenor 2

Position: US Tour Manager

Whether he’s hitting high notes musically, boxing his shadow physically, or punching above his weight romantically, Harry Hastilow is a man on the attack. Harry is our resident bodyguard, and has an impressive skill-set; he is trained in three martial arts, boxes in the university club, and was voted “most hydrated” in secondary school for constantly carrying a water bottle that, in his hands, is a registered weapon (see: several self-inflicted injuries). Despite this, Harry is actually a complete softy, with a genuine charm that is only occasionally completely eclipsed by his love of puns, the quality of which is much debated. The best way to think of it is as if the puns are Marmite; you either enjoy their “sharpness” and “unexpected flavour” (His words), or are left with a very, very bad taste in your mouth. With a flexible “slidey boi” range, a warm, solid tone, and heaps of confidence and character, Harry’s strong stage presence and vocal talents are sure to please.