Harry O'Neill

Subject: History

Year joined: 2016

Voice type: Tenor 1

Position: Treasurer and Tech Manager

As a singer, Harry's soaring tenor voice achieves a huskiness unusual in the upper register but loved none the less! Harry is also a ‘beat boxer’ - able to replicate the noises which might result if you filled a drum kit with ball bearings and soft cheese and threw it down an up escalator. He has learned this craft with remarkable speed, and is coming to appreciate that beatboxing is the foundation of the a cappella house.                                                                                      When not singing, beat boxing, learning everything which has every happened, or scrolling through an infinite thread of memes and gently giggling to himself, Harry can be found listening to people saying things that are wrong, and getting progressively more irritated by their foolishness until, beard glowing red with fury, he assumes the form of a hawk and plucks out their eyes, reveling in their terror.