Henry Deacy


Subject: Mathematics and Philosophy (MMathPhil)

Year joined: 2017

Voice type: Bass

Position: Business Manager

The Deace Lightning returns! A veteran OOTB bass, Henry has further developed his mastery of thundering, powerful low notes, while recently also extending his vocal dominance to the upper ranges with a technique dubbed “screlting” (screeching + belting). Henry is a vocal powerhouse, and constantly surprises groupmates and audiences alike with godlike grumbles that really don’t match up at all with how sweet he is. It’s rumoured that his magnificent ginger beard was grown to make him look more suitably intimidating, but in truth we’re just waiting for him to dye it white so his Father Christmas impression is truly perfected. With a mastery of Dr. Who trivia and unwavering supportive vocals in equal measure, Henry’s motivational drive is second to none and his performance energy unbeatable!