Ifan Jenkin

Position: President

Subject: Medicine

Year joined: 2015

Voice type: Baritone

With a voice like the finest Manuka Honey, cheekbones sharper than surgical scalpels, and sarcasm to foil even the most earnest Swedish tenor, this year Ifan has the fun(!) job of managing Out Of The Blue’s mischievous members. Ifan’s presidency has heralded a new era of strict authoritarian discipline and steely Welsh resolve; heaven forfend you’re late to rehearsal and he forces you to recite ludicrous Cymraeg place names as punishment.
By some kind of dark magic, Ifan manages to fit medical studies, rugby (lol what a lad) and his self-professed BNOC-dom around his singing career; we’re lucky to have him, at least until he settles down to tend to the aches and pains of the besotted ladies of Pontypridd, fighting amongst themselves for the good fortune to be his patient.