James Farnsworth

Subject: Physics

Year joined: 2018

Voice type: Baritone

James Farnsworth is one of our newest baris, a bastion of both smiles and unwavering perfect pitch, and the conductor of “the hype-train”. When this incredibly talented softboi isn’t arranging, he’s tweaking his own laser-precise singing game to be at its absolute best. If there’s a hole in a song or a voice part, he can fill it, and do it better than whoever was on it originally. He knows when any of us are even a 16th of a tone out, but can say so in such a genuinely helpful and friendly way that we often find ourselves apologising. Alongside his incredibly taxing degree, James finds time to hone his magical dancing talents at karaoke nights, the tracklist of which often showcases his love for Taylor Swift. This love can only be rivalled by the love for symmetry his hair expresses. When it comes to performance energy and accuracy under pressure, the fabulous Farnsy frequently flourishes.