Jasper Gold

Subject: Law

Year joined: 2015

Voice type: Baritone

Jasper relinquished a fancy career as a fancy chef in London’s fanciest restaurant to answer his true calling of donning a blue suit and pretending to be a monkey on stage. Alas, years of grueling training in the heights of the Michelin galaxy—flambéing, poaching, and sous-videing—could not have prepared Jasper for the challenges of extreme fame. After several high-profile incidents with the paparazzi, Jasper took his extreme shock from realising the the cruelty of man, and published a well-liked but critically panned collection of short stories about puppies, including the famous sausage dog-themed collection on melancholy.

In his free time, Jasper can be found tending to the water lilies and gentle butterflies that populate his college, or managing his late-capitalist bespoke tea empire remotely.