JJ Gibbs

Subject: Business and Management

Year joined: 2015

Voice type: Tenor 2

Most easily identifiable by its carefully styled hairdo, this wily predator’s use of extravagant aesthetics to ward off competing OOTB members rivals that of a peacock. Unlike a peacock, though, “The JJ” spends most of its time stealing items of clothing, rugby balls, other people’s food, and hearts. Zoological experts have claimed that these abilities predate beard growth, antenatal brain development, and any sense of propriety - explaining this tricky tenor’s difficulties with all these things.

When not prowling the concrete badlands of Oxford, JJ’s searing rock tenor is mostly used to curry favour with his spirit animals: domestic dogs. His craving for canine affection is matched only by his love of the spotlight. Oh, and perhaps his extraordinary ability to imitate the sounds of Harley-Davidson motorcycles while sleeping - which have been known to wake the entirety of Out Of The Blue.

Through thick and thin, OOTB loves its pet JJ. Reindeer straps may be unable to contain his wildly free spirit, but then who would want to?