Ollie brophy

Subject: Biochemistry

Year joined: 2016

Voice type: Baritone

Some say that this budding F1 driver’’s sweet, lilting baritone is matched only by his prowess behind the wheel…

Despite having been coached by Ayrton Senna during motorsport’s heyday, and his palpably excellent racing ability, Ollie’s attempts to make it on the circuit have repeatedly been met with heartbreaking failure - allegedly due to his no-holds-barred driving style. Since powersliding into Oxford, though, he’s become the Dreaming Spires’ hottest new singing sensation.

Any free time Ollie finds between his strenuous studies and his burgeoning singing/racing career is spent in a workshop in rural Gloucestershire, where Ollie hopes to complete his pet project - the creation of the world’s first flying combine harvester. We await the results much like we await the next corner when Ollie’s driving - with breath very much bated…