Ollie brophy

Subject: Biochemistry

Year joined: 2016

Voice type: Tenor 2

Position: Merch Manager

‘oily orb help’, ‘holy robe lip’ – is an ex-trombone player, aspiring biochemist, and former car owner.
Ollie’s love of the narrow science of biochemistry sneaks its way into daily conversation on a regular basis. In fact, Ollie speaks so much that you’d think he wouldn’t have any time for singing. You’d be wrong. Aside from his infectious energy and surprisingly good dancing, Ollie is one of the bastions of the lower tenor range. He also finally has a solo after a year of trying!
Finding himself in OOTB for a 2nd year, Ollie has seized upon the chance to gain more power by stepping up to the role of our official merch manager. This means that alongside his love of polemic, Ollie also loves online shopping and carrying cardboard boxes full of CDs.