Oscar Lyons

Subject: DPhil Medical Leadership

Year joined: 2016

Voice type: Bass

Oscar ‘The Lion’ Lyons has joined the group this year as our bearded, soft, young, short blonde from Glasgow (ask him to read that out loud if you get the chance). Currently completing a DPhil in Hasbro’s popular board game Operation, he’s earned the title of Kiwi doctor for being the only man on earth capable of performing surgery in a single bite! On top of this accolade, Oscar is also skilled in the science of Psychiatry, generously performing a free mental assessment on every member of the group (which nearly half of them passed). Some emerged claiming he had the ability to read minds; others professed his otherworldly capacity to render Ifan incapable of uttering the phrase ‘it was only a kiss.’

We’re delighted to have Oscar with us, at least until such time as he must migrate South to the Okavango Delta, where he must feed, breed, and share with his pride the wisdom of the a cappella man.