Rory Naylor

me edit.png

Subject: Medicine

Year joined: 2017

Voice type: Tenor 1

Position: Publicity Manager

Out of the Blue’s first ever Soprano is back! He may look and sound like a tenor, but inside is the voice of a shrieking angel and we’ve given up trying to suppress it! On stage, Rory frequently steals the show from the background with his expressive emotion, energy, and boyish good looks. And when he sings solo, the baby face gives way to unmatched vocal power and clarity, making him a blue-suited weapon to be deployed with the utmost precision. His absolutely bonkers range will continue to be a stunning trademark of our sets, as will the surprisingly intense work ethic his degree has instilled in him. As a medic, Rory can often be found highlighting notes at his desk, and complaining about his workload to anyone who will listen. This venting likely counterbalances his controlled manner in rehearsal, as even when he’s the butt of a joke, Rory’s smile and confidence only seem to grow. When the chips are down, nobody performs like he does. He takes everything seriously except himself, and his infectious grin is sure to spread to any audience!