Rory Naylor

Subject: Medicine

Year joined: 2017

Voice type: Tenor 2

Position: Publicity Manager

After the passing of Ifan, our position for a welsh medic has been filled by this bug eyed fresher, with little-to-no experience or knowledge of, well, anything. Over the last few months, Ifan mk 2 has developed into a well-liked, member of the group, with a unique take on life. From ketchup with pizza to his quite particular brand of “humour”, he has made sure that he is the butt of as many jokes as he can. We truly would be lost for comic material without him. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and some also say that his buffoonery is soon to cure all of the world’s known ailments. Wales is famous for its baritones, but Rory has bucked yet another societal norm and joined the group as our soprano, taking every opportunity to wail at the top of his voice about some new minor inconvenience in his life. It wouldn't be quite the same without him!