Sam Harris

Subject: English

Year joined: 2015

Voice type: Tenor 1

Expelled from the heavens after an acrimonious riff-off with God, Sam came to Oxford last year from a humble institution in the elysium fields of Slough, finding his feet as an English student. Within days of arriving he went from zero to OOTB hero; but his stint thus far hasn’t been without difficulties. In his own words, ‘I’m such a debilitating snob - it genuinely harms me;’ but Sam is a stoic, and he’s overcome his teething pains with a passion for lengthy Victorian novels, the NAUGHTIEST electronic dance music, and stealing other people’s limelight.

Now hoping to regain his prime position among the stars, this tumultuous tenor has only one regret: having slain the dragons of former OOTB members to obtain the lost jacket of doom, he forgot to retrieve the legendary belt of destiny - rumoured to tame the unruliest of beasts, including Sam’s apparently sentient shirt. Alas, our hero seems doomed to be half-untucked for all eternity.