Sam Lupton

Subject: Russian and Linguistics

Year joined: 2017

Voice type: Baritone

Position: Musical Director

Sam joined Out of the Blue to ease his longing for his adoptive homeland of Russia. So far it’s working, but when he’s not writing songs or shouting at his peers to pay attention in rehearsals, he can still be found facing East and playing wartime odes on the accordion.

A modern day Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - rehearsals see him focused and ready to impart all his musical wisdom. However, within him still exists an eternal struggle. When the last remaining echoes of rehearsal fade, his inner monster begins to stir. Fleeing the scene, he shuts himself away in his room where terrifying noises can be heard, noises even more terrifying than his upper vocal register. He arrives at the next rehearsal covered head to toe in glitter leaving us wondering at this side of Sam he's tried so hard to keep behind closed doors?