Subject: Computer Science

Year joined: 2010-2013; 2015

Voice type: Bass

Described by scientists as ‘a malfunctioning supercomputer powered by a hyperactive, mildly confused 3-year-old,’ Sammo’s bassy superpowers and winning smile will have you under his spell in a heartbeat. Rumoured to be good at everything, it’s easy to forget that beneath Sammo’s silicon-valley facade beats a heart of pure gold; as the loving dinosaur of the group, he’s forever on the lookout to make life easier for everyone in OOTB, and uses his T-Rex attributes to jealously protect his loved ones.

He’s also one of the most talented basses in a cappella, blasting out sweet, sweet low notes solid enough to be used as the foundations of the skyscrapers of Shanghai. For proof, just look at a list of Sammo’s highlights in the group: did you know, for example, that in 2011 Sammo participated in OOTB’s appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, or that he’s been involved in the group since 2010 (I know, me neither)? The love we have for Sammo is real, but Sammo’s love for OOTB is possibly too real…