Sean Bracebridge

Subject: Music

Year joined: 2016

Voice type: Baritone

Interestingly-eyed music fresher Sean joined OOTB as a baritone, and while initial impressions of this classic goon were worrying, we have grown to accept his peculiar nature. Kicking off his Oxford career in style, Sean has ended up neck-deep in OOTB affairs, securing the roles of Publicity, US Tour manager and Edinburgh manager (we have, indeed, all done stuff).

Recently diagnosed with a rare affliction known as hyper-dab-ismus, Sean’s relentless and involuntary execution of tragic dance moves necessitates constant supervision by his fellow baritones. Medical professionals have suggested that his condition may account for his impressive stalling capabilities while driving - as well as his academic disapproval of the subjective concept of ‘being in tune’.
Sean’s murky past in solo synchronised swimming is known to cause problems when getting to grips with basic choreo routines; nevertheless, we’re all sure that Sean will continue to be a valued member of Out of the Blue for a long time yet - as long as his tinder obsession doesn’t get the best of him.