Toby Steel

Subject: Mathematics

Year joined: 2018

Voice type: Tenor 1

Toby is a musical globetrotter, having sung with several choirs and played the recorder in several bands in the last few years, and we’re very happy we’ve snapped him up! Despite his, *ahem*, “impressive vertical stature”, the sound Toby produces is the epitome of big. His ability to chest most every note we throw at him couples with his equal skill at gliding to his sonorous head voice or falsetto. This makes Toby an incredibly strong tenor, and a backbone of volume in the trickier to maintain high ranges. When Toby isn’t performing with his signature rockstar flair or memorising his lyrics to 100% accuracy, he can be found running parties for his college as the entertainment rep, acting as a caring counsellor for anyone who needs to talk, and mumbling television quotes to himself in the most impenetrably confusing accents known to man. Despite his incredibly stylish performance demeanor, Toby is as genuine, caring, and lovable as they come!