Tom Pigram

Subject: English and German

Year joined: 2017

Voice type: Tenor 1

Position: President

Have you ever heard the lyric, “Dancing kween, hair that gleams, almost six foot three”? Legend has it that OOTB’s very own Queen inspired the ABBA tune, years before he was “björn” (wahey). Tom can be spotted from miles away, not only thanks to his new icy white hair, but also his insane high notes (as his astounding karaoke rendition of the German version of Let it Go has proven). As president, his management is second to none, capable of juggling rehearsal, admin responsibilities, and turning our band of misfits into a trained unit of dancers who eagerly jump at the words “choreo sesh”. Tom’s triple-threat performance repertoire is a force to be reckoned with, and his unwavering support and leadership will continue to lead the group to a capella victory