Will Northcott

Position: Merchandise Manager

Subject: Music & History of Art

Year joined: 2013

Voice type: Tenor 1

Like the echoes of a broken record, the dulcet tones of William Northcott will forever resonate through the decades of Out Of The Blue history. Will was present when the group invented a cappella in 1762, and since then has been a key member - offering his unwavering dedication, both as a tenor and as ring-bearer, to the group’s journey to Mordor in 1842.

Will has often lamented, with tears in his eyes, that ‘every year the members who leave take a part of you with them.’ Frustratingly for Will, they mostly seem to take his hair. Despite this adversity, he soldiers on ever-bravely, and currently stands at 255 years of service to OOTB. He’s therefore had the chance to travel all over the world, his four-foot stature lending him a sly camouflage in school workshops across the globe.

When he finally does leave the group, Will plans to retire to the Halls of Mandos on the Northern shores of Valinor, and to begin work on his memoir (working title: Creation to Crustacean - the troubles with not letting go).