Subject: Music & History of Art
Year joined: 2013
Voice type: Tenor 1

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away is not where Will Northcott was born. No, to discover the background of the enigmatic figure known also as “Moriarty” we look instead to a tiny slice of Middle-Earth, known affectionately as “The Shire”, which was and remains to be his true home,

As he was growing up, a remarkable resemblance to “Brian” (the dog from Family Guy – small, loveable, witty, and furry) became alarmingly apparent, and so the family endeavoured to make him feel at home by purchasing an absurd number of cats and dogs to normalize him in his environment. It is worth noting here that after many fruitless years he has finally met his “Stewie” in Out of the Blue — who, incidentally, also hails from the “other, other” university. While it would be highly untoward to infer anything from this, anyone absolutely can. It is highly likely that the beginning of Will’s singing career arose from yowling and barking with his childhood pet companions. This would certainly go some way to explaining the extraordinary range and volume Will is able to command, often to the surprise and delight of audiences across the globe.

Indeed, it is remarkably difficult to get Will to shut up about precisely how many people have heard him sing. Professing to be the “most viral” of the group has very little traction amongst his peers with the exception of another Jurassic member of the group who is unfalteringly captivated by Will’s every word. Maybe one day Wagmo will rise to the heights of his idols and inspirations (Adele and Freddie Mercury, in case you weren't wondering) but for now he’s our favourite knackered old warhorse.