Will Paja

Subject: Development Studies (MPhil)

Year joined: 2018

Voice type: Baritone

Will joined the group as an a capella veteran from across the pond, and the president of Dartmouth College’s “The Dartmouth Sings”. Having been described by a certain OOTB member as having a smooth, resonant voice “like the smoke produced by burning silk”, it is a hotly contested debate as to where Will’s bigger fanbase is: inside or outside the group. As a natural riff technician with excellent blend and standout tone, he effortlessly glides between block and solo singing, all while maintaining his signature “jazzy bouncing” groove. His experience and talents are invaluable in all aspects of performance. Generous, kind-hearted, and with a wise soul far beyond his self-expressed “advanced” years, Will is a welcome addition to the group, and a keystone of the baris.