Will Smith

Position: Musical Director

Subject: Music

Year joined: 2015

Voice type: Tenor 2

Classical musos might recognise Will Smith from his previous life - as a concert Pitch Pipe soloist of international renown, as likely to be found thrilling crowds at the Royal Festival Hall as he was napping or partying hard. What you might not know is that Will’s concert career was cut tragically short by his peculiar habit of leaving behind his instrument on the night of the gig, disappointing the world’s most discerning audiences from Vienna to New York. Nevertheless, after years of perseverance, Will has overcome his demons to rise to the position of Musical Director of Out Of The Blue - it can only be the German in him - and facing with aplomb the challenge of whipping the group into shape.
In his free time, Will can be found cavorting with other a cappella groups, bludgeoning his eardrums with the same Zara Larsson song 500 times a day, and singlehandedly propping up Oxfordshire’s entire fast food industry.